Spokane Sliders Fastpitch


Spokane Sliders was established in 1991 by Larry Decker. His vision was to provide female athletes a more competitive avenue for the sport of fastpitch softball. The following year the program was taken over by George Lynn and Don Owen, who quickly realized there was a growing passion in many of the players to compete at higher levels. The program progressed into all an age encompassing program with teams and coaches at each age division with the same goal...getting young ladies prepared for the next level.

Throughout the years, the program evolved into a nationally recognized organization with a reputation for producing well-rounded, competitive student athletes.

After a brief respite, the program is back and ready to continue the tradition that began 26 years ago!



              The 2019-2020

       Spokane Sliders will be

                 coached by

               George Lynn   

           Kirsten Flerchinger

                John Dressler

This seasoned and well-rounded coaching staff will provide elite level instruction to this enthusiastic group of athletes.